Are essential oils faster than meds to treat anxiety? – Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils

Are essential oils faster than meds to treat anxiety?

Essential oils act quickly in the body through our olfactory system. As we breathe in the aromatherapy of essential oils through our nose, the therapeutic oil molecules reach our amygdala almost instantly. That's the part of the brain that deals with our emotions, where we process 'how we are feeling' to the rest of the body. Through signals to our limbic system our breathing is regulated, so if we are feeling anxious or stressed, our breathing corresponds with shorter breaths. We can reduce our anxiety or stress by connecting to our breath through deep inhalation. This sends signals to the body to slow down and relax. This physiological change has been recorded and measured with people who practice Shin Rin Yoku or Forest Bathing. The health benefits of Forest Bathing are palpable and quantitative in our bodies response to the forest.  The essential oils from the Great Bear Rainforest bring the essence of the large conifers trees into our home, office or car, the same essence that has been used for thousands of years by the Indigenous peoples.

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