Essential Oils of the Rainforest for Grounding, Anxiety, Better Sleep – Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils

Essential Oils of the Rainforest for Grounding, Anxiety, Better Sleep and Meditation

Grounding our body's energy to the earth helps us to think more clearly, feel more energy and meditate more deeply thus readying our mind and body for recharging during sleep. 



Essential oils derived from conifer trees, otherwise known as evergreens, from the Great Bear Rainforest such as; Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce or Shore Pine offer ideal assistance in helping to anchor our energies to the earth. The root systems of these immense rainforest conifer trees run deep into the earth providing stability and nourishment to the tree. When we take the time to focus our energy inward, into our heart, we connect with the deeper aspects of ourselves and the essential oils of the rainforest bring those attributes to assist us in connecting and grounding. 



In today's fast paced whirlwind of life our busy brains sometimes require assistance in slowing down, especially at bedtime, so diffusing your favourite Great Bear Rainforest Essential oil in your room before bed can help to create a peaceful, calming and relaxing bedtime ritual. Our ability to detach from our busy brains can sometime be challenging at night, turning off the brain waves that keep us busy is a necessity of a good nights sleep.  When we feel stressed out, it's like we can't think straight, our thoughts are fast and our breathing is usually laboured.  As a result of our mind and body being out of touch, we cannot connect with our higher more wiser selves in these moments. Utilizing the power of essential oils, that are derived from the Great Bear Rainforest, helps us to leverage the grounding effects of those immense and gigantic evergreens on a daily basis.


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