Before bed ritual in 5 easy steps – Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils

Before bed ritual in 5 easy steps

Are you experiencing the 4 B's? 

In our busy world, where it is go go go, sometimes we need to find a way to relax our busy brains before bed. Busy brains before bed that have you thinking, when you should be sleeping? Many times, we find ourselves with a full work day, then busy at home; when it's time for bed your brain is still going. Finding the balance and relaxation we crave can sometimes feel like a struggle. Developing essential oil rituals before bed can help ease you into a relaxed mind and body space.

Before Bed Ritual with GBREO

  1. Ensure your electronic devices are out of your bedroom.



  1. Diffuse your favorite Great Bear Rainforest Essential oil in your room or use one of the new roll-on blends. Pacific Breeze or Stormy Days are nice under the nose or on the chest, Rainforest Relief can be massaged onto the legs and the tops and bottoms of the feet or where you feel sore or achy.

For direct inhalation, rub a little onto your hands, rub your hands together and bring to you face to inhale 3 deep breaths.

  1. Lay back on your bed, with your head on your pillow, get comfortable and count 30 deep breaths.
  2. If you lose count along the way, just start again. The idea being that we can't stop our brains from thinking, but we can focus our thoughts on our deep breathing. That focus on our deep breathing helps to balance mind and body and assists us into deep relaxation, which is exactly the state that leads to a great night’s rest.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Try it daily for 21 days and note your experiences along the way in a journal or blog.

Note: if you awake in the night and the busy brain begins thinking, start counting 30 deep breaths. Sometimes I have to do it twice, but by the second time, I rarely get past 6.

You can also make a list of 26 things in your life you are grateful or appreciative of, starting with A and ending with Z. Regular use of the GBREO BBR, can help to build 'muscle memory' for practiced relaxed states of mind and body that are a great way to prepare for sleeping.








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